Gruha Lakshmi dbt status

Follow the steps to check Gruha Lakshmi DBT status

1.Go to the official Seva Sindhu website:

2.On the main page, click on “Gruha Lakshmi Scheme Status”.

3.Click on the “DBT Status” option.

4.Enter your Aadhaar number or ration card number.

5.Click on the “GO” button.

Gruha Lakshmi DBT status check
Gruha Lakshmi dbt status

Your DBT status will be displayed on the screen.

As on September 17, 2023, the Gruha Lakshmi DBT payment has been made for August, 2023. If you have received the payment for this month, your DBT status will show “Paid”. If you have not received the payment for this month, your DBT status will show “Pending”.

If your DBT status is “Pending”, it means that your payment has not been released yet. Once the payment is released, your DBT status will change to “Paid”.

You can also confirm the status of your DBT payment by checking your bank account. If ₹2000 has been deposited into your account, it means that you have received your Gruha Lakshmi payment.

If you have any questions about Gruha Lakshmi DBT, you can call the Seva Sindhu helpline on 1902.

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  1. I have not recieved even a single gruhalakshami benefit my neighbor recieved all 3 benefits so what should I do to recieve it


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